Why Financial Institutions Look To U.S. Markets To Expand Services To Their Customers

July 1, 2020
By Jody Giraldo, Director of Institutional Sales, ViewTrade Securities

Technology has changed how non-U.S. broker-dealers, also known as foreign financial institutions (FFIs), work with their customers.

At the turn of the 20th century, the financial markets saw the beginning of the end of traditional brokerage. While self-directed, online trading was quickly gaining traction in the U.S., customers of many foreign financial institutions still had limited access to U.S. markets via these means. Over time, as access to the internet improved globally, demand grew from FFIs to expand their global brokerage services.

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2020 Reflection on our 20 Years in Business

June 1, 2020
By James StClair, President, ViewTrade Securities

At the end of last year, we gathered associates from around the world and celebrated our firm’s 20th anniversary. We founded ViewTrade in 1999 with the idea to provide foreign banks, brokers, and other financial institutions with electronic access to the US markets. At that time self-directed online trading was becoming exceedingly popular, so we built a team of very experienced associates and made it happen.

In the early years, investors had little experience trading stocks outside of their own local markets. As communications and technology advanced, brokers and banks of all sizes were empowered to allow their customers to trade anywhere in the world. And advancements in the speed of execution brought minutes down to a fraction of a second leading to better liquidity and the drastic lowering of execution costs.

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