Technology Solutions by Orbis

We offer a suite of technology and APIs to empower your business. Whether your clients are registered representatives, investors or traders, our products are fully customizable. If you don't see it, we'll build it for you.

We are clearing firm and market venue neutral. Our applications come with powerful risk management and security tools. They can be customized to work in any languages you choose, and most can work with any operating system. Best of all, we are able to create any additional features your business needs and process your trades according to any rules you specify.

We offer Passport to Wall Street™ suite of content and tools to help your customers succeed and distinguish your firm from the competition. The content can be delivered to your platform via API or can provided as a complete stand-alone product.

Watchmen Engine

Watchmen Engine provides full transparency of all orders received and executed. This includes a full profile of your account, spoofing and layering, order dominance, cancels, wash sales, rule-based order rejections and more. Checks are performed real-time and additional reporting and client profiles are prepared at the end of each trading day for compliance review.

Orbis can provide you and your clients with all the important tools you need to make informed decisions. Stocks, Options, Day Trading, or Long-Term Investment, when you are ready to trade, you can count on Orbis.

Integrated Content Solutions

We make the investment in U.S. content to enrich your customers' experience so you do not have to, because providing basic trade entry, charts and account management on your platform is simply not enough anymore. If you have your own front end platform, we can integrate our content into your front end systems. We host the content for you, and you deliver a more robust U.S. brokerage service to your customer at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself.

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