Rule 15c3-5 compliance control

It all starts with choosing which clients to accept

  • Real-time financial risk control
  • Real-time credit risk control
  • Real-time and end-of-day AML due diligence
  • Real-time market access control (orders, symbols, volume, routers, etc)
  • Real-time executing counterparty due diligence (real-time redirect)
  • Daily client business and risk profile due diligence

Watchmen Engine — Rules-driven real-time and end-of-day compliance and monitoring

The Watchmen Engine provides the transparency and rules-based controls that protect your business and ours, as well as the custodian's, providing your business with the stability it needs to grow.

Financial Information eXchange (FIX) is a standard messaging protocol that allows order management systems to connect with market centers and exchange securities electronically. Our FIX experts have a great deal of experience with the protocol and can show you how to use it more proficiently. There are many benefits to mastering FIX: faster trade execution, fewer system errors, and greater freedom to send trades where you want to send them.

Watchmen Pre-Trade Controls in Real Time
Compliance Monitoring RT
  • Rejected orders by reject type, client name, access ID, date/time, symbol
  • Cancelled trade monitoring
  • Activity monitoring
  • Layering and spoofing
  • Outsized trading
  • Order dominance monitoring
  • Buying power overrides
  • Position overrides
  • Access monitoring
  • All exemptions, overrides, adjustments, narrative
Operations Adjustments RT
  • Corporate action adjustments
  • Option exercise adjustments
  • Corrections
Compliance Monitoring RT
  • Authorized access check
  • Custodian start of day upload verification
  • Buying power check
  • Trading limit check
  • Position check
  • Price check
  • Restriction check
  • Order check
Watchmen Post-Trade Compliance Monitoring
Client Profile Drilldowns EOD
  • Holdings
  • Orders
  • Executions
  • Cancels
  • Security market cap
  • Security liquidity
  • Buying power utilization
  • Value at risk
Activity details EOD
  • Wash sales
  • Wash sales with 5 cents
  • Spoofing and layering
  • Last-minute trading
  • Volume dominance
  • Low priced stocks activity
  • All money moves
  • All security moves
Watchmen Routing Control
  • Order management rules
  • OATS reporting
  • Rule 606 reporting
  • Custodian connectivity / end of day file

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